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Sound Production

Voice & Sound recording for video contents (Mainly Animation & Video Game).

  • "Ashiarai-yashiki No Juunintachi" OVA (Wani Books)
  • "Peeban" OVA (Fais un reve)
  • "YEBIS celebrities" (Libre Publishing / Movic)

Packaging Production

As for the materials production (Dorama CD, Music CD, DVD or microSD) we can handle every step from recording and mixing to the cast choice.

  • "My Boyfriend / His Boyfriend" (Movic)
  • "Baka To Test To Shoukanju" (Movic)
  • "Ima Ai Ni Yukimasu" (Frontier Works)
  • "Sengoku Buyuuden Series" (Inter Communications)
  • "Eden of The East" (Asmik Ace Entertainment)

Music Production

Creation of music and soundtracks (Ex: Animation). We will support you through every step (Music composition, lyrics, arrangements etc.)

  • "VELVET UNDERWORLD" Character Song (Movic)
  • "Anicon" Radio OP/ED Theme Song (Movic)
  • "MOJIES" Image Song (SEGA Toys)

Radio Program Production

Regarding the project, we can handle every step from recording and mixing to the cast choice.

WORKS:Please check list below (Broadcasted on Animate TV)
  • Web Radio "Hakuouki Web Radio Shinsengumi Tsuushin" Personality: Shinichiro Miki
  • Web Radio "Dyurarara Radio Ryakushite Dyuraradi" Personality: Toshiyuki Toyonaga, Kana Hanazawa
  • Web Radio "Hibi-Chika Radio" Personality: Eri Sendai, Yoko Honda
  • Web Radio "The Garden Of Wanderers" Personality: Ayumi Fujimura
  • Web Radio "Para Labo Housoukyoku" Personality:Masaya Onosaka, Hiroki Yasumoto

Recording Studio "power pop studio"

For further information regarding "power pop studio" please contact us.

  • Recording Booth (200 x 240cm)
  • Radio & Voice recording
  • Using a maximum of 4 microphones. Recording by ProTools
  • Walking distance from the Tokyo Metro Line Higashi-Koenji Station.


Animation Studio "GARDEN LODGE"

Creation and production of animation, CM, comic movie (Creation of CG Animation based on original Manga works).

  • "VELVET UNDERWORLD Fragment Person" Animation PV
  • "Nodame Cantabile - Paris" DVD Bonus Material
  • "Masked Rider Den-O / Imagine Mechamori Karuta" CM
  • "Peeban" OVA
  • "Ashiarai-yashiki No Juunintachi" Bonus OVA
  • "YEBIS celebrities" (Libre Publishing)
  • "JIHAI" (Inter Communications)

Game / Application Development

Development and programming of social gaming contents for PC(Windows、Mac)and mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, PSP, DS etc.)

  • iMIKAN (Media Intergrate Engine For iOS)
  • "Kessen Wa Valentine" (Development)


Voice Acting School "Studio True Colors"

We will make you realize your dream of becoming a Voice Actor with the help of our teaching program.

  • Program Level: from beginner to advanced
  • Payment Period: 6 months/monthly
  • Teacher: Michael Shitanda (ex.Masato Amada / Voice Actor & Sound Director)
  • Special guest teacher: Romi Park


Licensing management

For further information regarding licensing please contact us.

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Internet Radio "RADIO TOMO!"

Creation and management of original radio programs such as "Cream Soda & Gimlet" or "Tomokazu & Romi No Radio Kusarikase - We begin to Rot now". These 2 programs are viewed more than 40,000 times per week.

Programs presentation:
  • Tomokazu & Romi No Radio Kusarikase - We begin to Rot now.
    Casual Talk Programmation. Presented by famous Voice actors Tomokazu Seki And Romi Park.
  • Cream Soda & Gimlet
    Talk show presented by Akira Ishida & Kyoko Hikami.
  • Mukashi Mukashi No Monogatari - an old story
    Akira Ishida & Kyoko Hikami are reading some traditional Japanese folklore for all.
  • More than 8 others programs on air


Our label "Power Pop Standard"

Production and Sales of our Media Contents.

  • Web Radio "Cream Soda & Gimlet" Perfect CD


Event organisation and management

Organization and management of events.

  • TV Anime "Library War" DJCD & DVD Release Event
  • Anime Tencho Tencho Kouhosei FINAL LIVE
  • "D.C. Girl's Symphony" Event
  • "Hakuouki Web Radio Shinsengumi Tsuushin" Event in Kyoto & Sendai
  • "Recitation Sengoku Buyuuden" Recitation Theater


KEBAB, Sweets & Goods "Amakan"
"Amakan" is an entertainment cafe concept, themed on Japanese Pop Culture such as Anime and Manga. We look forward to welcoming youin our cafe and that you will enjoy our staff selection of drinks and food.